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Optex Excellence

The Optex Periscope has been built using Telecentric optics.

The Optex Periscope has been built using Telecentric optics. This multi-format system can be configured to work on both 2K/4K Digital or Film cameras. Covers full S35 aperture with no vignetting.
The OpTex Excellence is available with five super compact dedicated lenses offering 120°, 100°, 78°, 60° and 45° angles of view that, due to the unique design of the system, remain constant regardless of the taking format used. The equivalent focal lengths for 35mm PL module Full Aperture i.e. Alexa are 10mm, 14mm, 20mm, 28mm and 40mm all at T5.6. Same with 90 deg module. With extreme close focus ability almost down to the front element.

The main parts are: the periscope module which can be used at 90 degrees or extended straight in probe fashion; the main relay consisting of 0.8 Modulus gears for flawless integration with existing digital camera accessories and Motion Control Rigs; and finally the Format Module for film or HD.

The entire system is color matched so whether it is used as a periscope or probe, and whichever lens is used, color remains constant. The system gives such high image quality one will think you are using a prime lens. There are no focus marks on the barrel, one eye focuses the lens, which is simple enough as the image is incredibly sharp.

When used with a wide angle taking lens on, Optex can also deliver extreme depth of field to produce unusual shots of in-focus objects placed anywhere from macro to infinity distances.

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